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Toby Scammell Shares How Womply Helps Small Businesses Boost Their Reputation

Seven years ago when Toby Scammell started Womply, reputation didn’t matter too much for small businesses. These days, consumers are constantly making decisions about your business based on what they can find in search results. This presents an opportunity for business owners that can harness this technology.


Toby Scammell Reviews How Womply Can Help Small Businesses Better Engage With Their Customers

Brick and mortar businesses are at a significant disadvantage than their online counterparts. Toby Scammell discusses how Womply can help small businesses better understand their customers and gain long-term relationships with them in this video from Womply.


Toby Scammell Details How Womply Can Help Business Owners Make Better Data Decisions

Toby Scammell details how having data to better monitor your business can give you a leg up on the competition. Learn how Womply can collect pertinent data for your business to help you make better informed business decisions.


Trump’s Handling of Tax, Health Care Reform Loom Large For Small Businesses – Toby Scammell

Americans should pay more attention to how the country’s 28 million small business owners are responding to Trump’s presidency because he has an outsized impact on their confidence, and their confidence has an outsized impact on the economy and jobs.

Womply recently polled thousands of small business owners in all 50 states to see what’s driving their optimism or anxiety, and how their sentiment translates into actions like hiring or expansion.


Software Needs a New Mission: Helping Small Businesses Thrive – Toby Scammell

Something happened on the way to software eating the world: small businesses got left behind. Way behind.

It makes sense when you consider why. There’s a lot of money to be made selling software licenses to large companies with big budgets and sophisticated teams poised to wonk out on every new feature push. There’s clearly a nice symbiosis happening between software makers and big businesses because the enterprise software market is huge and projected to keep growing.


Why Our Retirement Crisis Could Mean Extinction for the Family Business | Womply Founder

In the U.S., family businesses are as iconic as baseball or apple pie. Business consultants frequently extol the virtues of the family-owned enterprise, but sadly, the future of this American institution is in doubt thanks to a perfect storm of economic and demographic forces.

Let’s start by spotting the canary in the coalmine. My company recently polled nearly 3,000 small business owners — primarily mom-and-pop shops with less than 25 employees — in all 50 states to find out how their optimism (or lack thereof) affects various business decisions. One of the more surprising revelations came when we asked about succession planning. We assumed that most business owners would report that they plan to hand their business over to their children — you know, keep it in the family.


The Playbook For Building and Selling Software to Small Businesses

In the last four years, Womply sold software to well over 100,000 small businesses nationwide. How’d we do it?

There are many reasons, but at the top of the list: we got our initial business strategy right in the face of opposition. Since our earliest days, we were focused on a “distribution-first” strategy. In short, I believed that if we built best-in-class product distribution, then we’d have a strong enough business to build best-in-class software later.

That’s not how most software companies are built. More often than not these days, companies spend the bulk of their time adding features, improving design, and reacting to their customers’ every whim, even if they don’t make sense. Often, the result is bloated software that isn’t highly saleable.


It’s Time to Build the Next Generation of SaaS

As I’ve spoken with investors over the years, a common theme in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sector is the use of “engagement” to measure the value of software. On the surface, this makes sense — if users put time and effort into software, that must mean it’s valuable to them, right?


What Keeps Merchants Up At Night?

No matter what you sell, you need to know the source of your prospects’ pain. What keeps them up at night? What do they not have – or not have enough of – that you can provide? For merchant level salespeople (MLSs), understanding the challenges of small business owners and operators has never been more critical or more challenging.


3 Ways to Use Online Review Sites to Your Advantage

Many small businesses still operate as if customers find them while window shopping or thumbing through the Yellow Pages. Truth is, these days when someone wants to find a local restaurant, plumber, or tire shop, they pull out their smartphone and do a “near me” search.

In many cases, what they find first isn’t a list of websites for those businesses. Instead, their searches typically return profiles for those businesses on Yelp, Google My Business, TripAdvisor, or similar online review sites. This represents a major shift in how consumers find and patronize small, local businesses.